Untapped opportunities: climate financing for food systems transformation

A new report from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food finds that food production, processing, consumption and waste account for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, but food systems receive just 3% of climate finance.

Growing, processing and transporting food accounts for one-third of all global greenhouse gas emissions, but just 3% of public climate finance goes to food systems. Untapped Opportunities: Climate Financing for Food Systems Transformation presents the case for food systems as a climate solution and priority, with recommendations for action. This includes the need to align public financial flows to food systems with climate ambition and action plans, and channelling public climate finance into food systems to support policies, programs, and projects that deliver on climate goals and a host of co-benefits for biodiversity, health, and food system resilience.

Despite the potential for climate mitigation and adaptation, food systems are consistently underestimated and underfunded. This report is designed to inform policy development and implementation, climate advocacy, and climate finance structures, with clear recommendations and opportunities for directing climate finance to food systems as a climate solution.

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